Sunday, May 6, 2012

Update on the Steel and red fry

The fry are looking great, still LOTS of them!  Here is a link to a video of them swimming around.  I have started adding water, I will be taking away 1 solo cup of water and adding 2 solo cups of fresh new water, until the tank is full which should be 2 weeks. then will be doing water exchanges until they are a month old and then will put them in a large grow out tank.


Click this link to view my dragon giants spawning.  Gwen and Titan spawned this morning, and so far Titan has been a very good daddy, I would say there is about 100 eggs.  I will update tomorrow on the progress of this spawn. 

For those of you who do not know - Giant bettas are usually Halfmoon Plakats, but there are some expensive halfmoons out there.  They tend to be anywhere from 1/3 to double the size of a normal betta.

Dragon bettas are the Bling bling of the betta world because of their "dragon like" scales, that shine and are defined.

Gwen is just over 3 inches, and Titan is 3.5, as of now, they are both young and could still do some growing.

Daddy Titan
 Gwen the mother

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Free swimming fry!!!

Here is a video of the fry with daddy right before I removed him, they are swimming around nicely.

Last night  I was soo excited  I couldnt sleep until 2am (well I made myself go to sleep then).  Daddy has been removed, first feeding of microworms has been added.  Unfortunately my microworm cultures (3) have all crashed, only a lil bit of worms, yikes!  So i started 2 more, and hopefully they take off quickly.  I had enough worms for the first feeding (i think - its all trial and error) and I also added some decapsolulated brine shrimp eggs just in case, even though i dont think they will eat them before they do not move and they prefer food that moves.  Definitely have around 200, and hopefully close to that survive, I know with my first spawning I will be lucky if one lives, but I have high hopes, since I have done sooo much research and planning. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Video of Daddy tending to nest of wigglers

Her is a nice video of daddy with his lil eggs and wigglers.

Spawn log: Steel blue and red HM x Steel blue and red HM

SO I did it!  My almost identical steel blue and red male and female spawned, literally an hour after being released together, and he is one GREAT daddy!  They spawned yesterday, and spawned for a couple of hours, he was very good at getting the embrace correct, and there was quite a few eggs in each embrace.  The female actually helped place the eggs in the nest, and helped build up the nest.  I do not have great photos of mommy and daddy, but  I will include one photo of daddy, I will post better pics of them in a couple of days, she has stress stripes and I would rather get those gone before posting a picture of her.  There should be 200+ eggs and we already have wigglers, and he is doing a very good job keeping them in the nest.  He hates me, he watches me like a hawk anytime I come near, never removing his eyes off of me until I leave. I didnt expect him to spawn since I just got him in the mail on monday, and I just got her in on Wednesday, BUT they did it, and it looks to be a great spawn! They are not related, yet their coloring is identical, so when you see the pic of the boy, you can kinda get an idea of what the girl looks like, same markings too.  SO happy!  Cannot wait to spawn my new red male, he is literally flawless, not a single flaw to him! Gonna condition him up some more because he spawned with my new black female, but there was only 10 eggs, and he ate them :( 

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Welp I seperated Gwen and Titan, he was eating all the eggs, and being too ruff, and wasnt getting the embrace right, sooo I am just going to wait and try her with a new male :) pics coming soon!

Titan and Gwen spawning, is the 2nd time a charm?

Titan and Gwen spawning for the 2nd time.  Hopefully this works!  (click on the link)